Back To School Minis

Whether they are starting school or going up a year, it's another milestone you'll want to document.  Images of them in their crisp, tidy new uniform, looking their best. You know they just won't look this clean again, even on photo day at school! 


School photos are great but you can't be there to make sure they fasten that top button or brush their hair and usually with so many children to photograph, nobody else will either.


Have your children's back to school photographs taken in the comfort of my home studio, and you can be there to give them that Mum-stare... we all know the one!

Day 338 ~ Preparation.jpg

Sessions are up to 30 minutes

Siblings included

Viewing appointments will be held approximately a week after your session.

Price to be paid in full on booking.


3 high resolution images by download

Dates of the sessions are:


Thursday 29th August

Sunday 1st September