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Back To School


As the golden days of summer start to wind down, the excitement (and perhaps a touch of nerves) of a new school year takes over. Whether your child is heading to school for the first time or returning after the summer break, the transition can bring a mix of emotions. Today, we’re going to discuss some tips to ease the back-to-school transition, particularly for first-time students, and how you can commemorate this milestone with a ‘back to school’ session at our studio.

Preparing Your Child for School for the First Time

  1. Start a School Routine Early: A few weeks before school starts, gradually shift your child’s sleeping and eating schedules to match the school timings. This helps them adjust to the new routine and reduces the shock of early wake-ups.

  2. Visit the School: If possible, take your child to visit their new school before the term begins. Familiarise them with the surroundings, show them their classroom, and where the toilets are. This can alleviate a lot of first-day anxiety.

  3. Meet the Teacher: Meeting the teacher before school starts can be hugely reassuring for your child. It gives them a chance to connect with the teacher in a less formal setting, which can make the transition easier.

  4. Talk About School Positively: Talk about school enthusiastically and focus on the fun aspects – making friends, playing, and learning new things. Encourage your child to express their feelings and reassure them that it’s okay to feel a little nervous.

  5. Practice Independence: Encourage your child to practice tasks like packing their school bag, using the toilet, opening their lunchbox, fastening their shoes, and other activities they’ll need to manage at school. This helps build their confidence and self-reliance.

Booking a ‘Back to School’ Session at Our Studio

A ‘back to school’ session is a wonderful way to document your child’s growth from one school year to the next. It captures their evolving personality, interests, and style in a fun, relaxed environment.

six years of back to school photographs

To book a session at our studio:

  1. Contact Us: Here

  2. Preparation: We’ll discuss clothing options, props, and any theme you might be interested in. Many parents and children enjoy incorporating school-related props like books, chalkboards, or a favourite backpack.

  3. The Session: We aim to make the session fun and relaxed. Our goal is to capture genuine expressions and moments that showcase your child’s unique personality at this particular stage in their life.

  4. Post-Session: After the session, we’ll provide a carefully curated selection of images for you to choose from. These can be turned into prints, wall art, or a digital album.

As the new school year dawns, remember, it’s not just about new classes and schoolwork; it’s about growing up, learning, and making memories. A ‘back to school’ session is a wonderful way to capture these fleeting moments. So, here’s to a great school year ahead, filled with learning, laughter, and lots of memorable moments!

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